Pasture Mat

For the industry's most proven product,the Pasture Mat is the solution for your farm, as it has been for over 3 million cows worldwide.

The mats mimics a natural pasture, which reduces bedding. It also provides stable footing and is durable, as well as shock-absorbent.

Available in lengths of 54", 60", 63", 66" and 72" They can be used in Free Stall and Tie Stall applications.

Warranty: Free Stall - 3 years, Tie Stall - 2 years

Pack Mat

We agree, sand is a good bedding solution for your cows... and Promat's Pack Mat makes it even better! By layering 2 to 3 inches of sand or compost on top of the Promat Pack Mat, you and your cows will benefit from sand usage decreased 50-70% compared to deep bed.

These mats also reduce sand-laden manure issues and puts cows in a better position to stay clean.

Available in lengths of 54", 60", 63", 66" and 72"

Warranty: Free Stall – 3 years

Comfort Mat

For the ultimate and only 3" foam mat on the market, look no further than the Comfort Mat. The high quality foam in the Comfort Mat molds to the exact contour of the cow, giving her outstanding comfort and support.

Available in 1.5" and 3" options. They are specifically engineered, high density 3" foam ensures long life and maximum comfort.

Plastic moisture barrier maintains integrity of the foam. Pressure relieving foam promotes improved circulation, and tapered end provides for runoff and easy cleaning.

Warranty: Free Stall - 3 years, Tie Stall - 2 years

Gelmat DS

If you want the best in terms of comfort, resting time and guaranteed durability, you need the GELMAT DS – made even better with Comfort Control System.

Comfort Control System allows you to control firmness depending on herd type. Drop stitch (DS) internal webbing ensures maximum stability and comfort. The shock absorbency reduces injury.

Available in 63" and 66" lengths and 45" and 48" widths

Warranty: Free Stall – 3 years

Maternity/Calving Pen Mattresses

Promat also offers a mattress solution to ensure ultimate comfort for your maternity/hospital/calving cows.

These product requires minimal bedding, provides stable footing, and is durable and shock absorbent.

Mats are also perfect for your special treatment cows.

Applications: Maternity/calving/hospital pens

Warranty: 3 years

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