• Free standing with no post or anchor required
  • Can be disabled easily for skid-steer cleaning
  • Unique, interlocking, tongue-in-groove design
  • Interlock side-to-side and back-to-back
  • Assemble a system to fit your exact needs
  • Hinged-door adjusts up & down 5" to allows calf to easily feed from pails
  • uilt-in pail divider helps keep feed dry, water clean
  • Built-in calf dividers isolate calves to reduce spread of disease
  • Larger, 8 qt., white pails included
  • Free-standing & wall-mount models available

Single-Calf Hutches

  • Roomiest single-calf hutch (62"W x 98"L x 55"H)
  • Heaviest you can buy (approx 138 lbs.)
  • Advanced design - economically priced!
  • Special ventilation system
  • 3-In-One rear door.
    Vent ... bed ... feed

Group Calf Hutch

  • Holds 4-6 weaned calves
  • Largest, one-piece-molded hutch (106"W x 89"L x 79"H).
  • No rivets to pull apart.
  • Thicker walled - approx. 250 lbs. of plastic
  • Exclusive, swing-up, rear bedding doors

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