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DCC Waterbeds ISO

DCC Waterbeds ISO, named for having two isolated water chambers, offers even more cushion for the cow's knees as she drops to the laying position and floats the cows' pressure points with even more consistency. The original DCC Waterbeds design allows the water inside to slowly transfer between two chambers. The ISO bed has two isolated water chambers for producers who desire even more cushion and consistency.

The original DCC Waterbeds were modified to create the ISO. The original DCC Waterbeds design allows the water to slowly transfer between the two chambers via two small water channels. The ISO bed has two completely isolated water chambers, hence "DCC Waterbeds ISO."

Bed Dimensions

Head-to-Tail Length

  • 72 inches / 183 cm

Bed Widths

  • 42 inches / 107 cm
  • 44 inches / 112 cm
  • 45 inches / 114 cm
  • 46 inches / 117 cm
  • 47 inches / 119 cm
  • 48 inches / 122 cm
  • 51 inches / 129.5 cm
  • 54 inches / 137 cm

Other Features & Benefits:

  • PREVENT SWOLLEN HOCKS: DCC Waterbeds flex and move with the cow's skin, which helps prevent skin abrasions and hock swelling.
  • INCREASE LYING TIMES: Comfortable beds lead to increased production, more lactations, healthy hooves, and decreased lameness issues.
  • CONSISTENT, DRY ENVIRONMENT: DCC Waterbeds convex shape sheds moisture and the flexible surface quickly dries manure, keeping udders clean and bacteria levels low.
  • LOW SCC & NO MORE MASTITIS: Our farmers consistently report SCC levels at 150,000 or below, and many of them have virtually "cured" mastitis.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: DCC Waterbeds require little to no additional bedding to protect the cow, saving farmers time and money.
  • SMART INVESTMENT: Decrease bedding and labor costs with DCC Waterbeds, the cheapest per stall bedding solution on the market.
  • LONG LIFE EXPECTANCY: Backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty, we know that even after thousands of uses, a DCC Waterbed will never pack.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH TECHNOLOGY: Manure management systems, robotic milking units, and anaerobic digesters all work well with DCC Waterbeds.