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Ventilation - Envira North/Sun North

Altra-Air Fans & Agriculture

  Our dairy fan provides cow cooling and bovine inspiration for dairy barn cooling. Third party studies on dairy fans have shown that agriculture fans lower the temperatures in dairy barns by 6 – 8 degrees. The cow cooling results in proven increased milk production.

Utilizing the Altra-Air fan for cow cooling also creates energy savings and bovine inspiration.

The Altra-Air fan also qualifies for a number of incentives to help offset the initial purchase of the agriculture fan.

The Altra-Air fan is beneficial for other livestock facilities as well. Poultry houses and riding areas are excellent applications for the agriculture fan.


Altra-Air Fans with WhalePower Technology

Altra-Air HVLS fans blanket a very large area with constantly moving air to create an expansive comfort zone.

As a result, the big ceiling fan can create an evaporative cooling effect of three to four degrees Celsius throughout the facility.

During the heating season, the Altra-Air HVLS fan technology can de-stratify uneven temperatures that can be in excess of fifteen degrees Celsius from ceiling to floor. This results in significant energy savings since the heating system cycles less frequently.



Ventilation Curtains

Sun-North has been manufacturing Summit Curtains and hardware for over 25 years. Fabric curtains are an economical method to close up opening in the sidewall or end wall of buildings and then operate these curtains either manually or automatically to allow ventilation. Summit curtain fabric comes in an infinite variety of weights and colour to satisfy any number of applications—such as-- High sidewall curtains for Dairy--- 10 layer insulated curtain for poultry to translucent fabric for riding arenas.



Ventilation Panel Systems

Sun-North- produces a number of rigid panels. These panels move up and down over openings of ˝ a meter to 3 meters in the side wall of a livestock confinement building allowing fresh air and light to enter the facility. Good ventilation is the second most important factor in raising livestock profitably. Sun-North manufactures a variety of panels—some with a very high insulation factor and some that are sliding glass panels. These panels can be a series of 1 meter long panels or single panels that are 50 meters long.


Ridge Exhaust/Lite

Ridge Exhaust and ridge Lite Ventilation

Our forefathers used natural ventilation to ventilated there farm buildings. Principally fresh air is brought in through sidewall opening and the natural convection of the warmed air--- rises -- and is drawn out through chimneys or ridge opening. Sun-North has created a number of sizes of insulated poly chimneys that are ideal for this application along with long ridge door and lite panels that can regulated this exhausting of air through the peak of the building. Natural light is very beneficial for healthy livestock and the ridge is a valuable point for light entry.


Power Exhaust

Power Exhaust Ventilation

Natural ventilation is the ideal solution but there are situation that require power assistant to create a healthy livestock environment. This can take the form of fans mounted in chimneys or fans in end walls to create tunnel ventilation. Some barn designs means that both natural and forced air or fans would be used to create the optimum environment. Some may need natural and ceiling circulating fans. Where the density of animals is very high such as caged poultry layer barns then forced air through fans and forced air inlets-- may be the only answer. Sun-North with 25 years experience can design the ventilation system to suit your application.



Automation Systems

Synchronizing air intake and exhaust with heat and cooling –along with outside wind and temperature conditions can takes the application of state of the art electronic controls linked to computer technology. Sun-North builds it own power drives—actuators- in a number of drive formats to suit the numerous variety of application. Sun-North builds it own line of electronic controls and wind and temperature sensors under the brand name of Shepherd. Sun-North has the staff to coordinate these controls with on site or remote computer logic.