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Ventilation - ACME

Circulating Fans

FAN-JET  MODEL RCA is a complete air circulation system utilizing plastic tubes for even ventilation and heat distribution. Selections include heavy gauge, light weight aluminum and painted steel.


PLASTIC FAN-JET MODEL RCP is built of tough, corrosion resistant ABS plastic. All systems include UV stabilized plastic tubing, tube hangers and supports.

VALU-MASTER MODEL HAF- The precision engineered Valu-Master horizontal air mover matches the proper propeller with a continuous duty motor to form a high air flow and low energy fan. It offers the user maintenance-free, long lasting equipment suited for horticultural environments. The propeller features aluminum blades and a heavy duty PSC totally enclosed motor with automatic thermal overload protection. The guards feature plastic coated wire to resist corrosion.


Exhaust Fans

WINDMASTER  MODELS DC AND DCA IN SLANT HOUSING (WITH OR WITHOUT AIR DIFFUSER CONE) feature higher air flow capacities at less horsepower and are available in all aluminum construction to combat corrosion, or in heavy-duty steel. Fan, shutter and safety guards are mounted in an aluminum or galvanized slant housing (See Page 3 of PDF file).

DISCHARGE AIR DIFFUSER CONE - Made of galvanized steel or aluminum, the cone increases air flow with the same HP.  (See Page 4 of PDF file)



WINDMASTER MODELS DC & DCA feature higher air flow capacities at less horsepower and are available in all aluminum construction to combat corrosion, or in heavy-duty steel. 



DYNAMASTER MODELS FQ & FN feature quiet operation for smaller greenhouses.


MASTER EX MODEL DDP - fans are constructed of rugged plastic and fiberglass for extremely corrosive applications. ddp
SKYMASTER MODEL EC is used on the roof when wall space is unavailable for conventional wall-mounted fans. Skymaster
MODEL AGD ECONOMY FAN is direct driven and features all galvanized construction. economy


Flo-Master Model WAA Automatic or WAAC Motorized Aluminum Inlet Shutter - Precision balanced aluminum blades open easier and wider to permit higher fan capacity.  


Click on the second PDF icon for dimensional data on WAA Automatic Shutters for fans with "WS" and "WB" Housings.





Model "CSL" Continuous Shutter Linkage System allows multiple inlet shutters to be opened and closed by one motor.



KOOL-CEL MODEL PDR systems are available in 1' increments for flexible, easy installation. Pads are constructed of rigid cellulose cooling cells in either 4" or 6" thickness.

KOOL-CEL ALUMINUM SYSTEM utilizes quick snap together components for easy installation, using a minimum of hardware.  Available for either  4" or 6" pad thickness. 
  KOOL-CEL MODEL PDRP  systems feature a continuous heavy-duty plastic gutter, eliminating splicing and leaking seams, and a stainless steel top cover and end panels.  

KOOL-CEL ALL PLASTIC MODEL PKS is an innovative water distribution system for Kool-Cel pads featuring a continuous plastic gutter and plastic top.  

PUMPS - available in submersible or heavy duty centrifugal types. Plumbing packages are designed for use with all pad system pumps. Pump