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The Y2K Stall Divider

An essential component of The Comfort Zone™ is the Y2K free stall from Artex Fabricators™. The first stall that enabled us to provide a neck rail that was 50 inches off the bedding surface. Designed in 1998, its goal was to place the dairy cow in a structured environment to maintain cleanliness, but not to infringe on her abilities to enter, lie down, or get up. That may sound easy! Research, though, tells us that cows have been struggling for years in old designed free stalls.

Simply go out and watch your cows. Do they stand half in half out (perching) for extended periods of time? If yes, your stall size is not sufficient to allow ease of entry. This is no doubt. Over the past years, videotape analysis spells this out very clearly.

Thus, our mission was to remove all barriers, raise neck rails, and promote a stall that does not get in the cows way. With the Artex™ Y2K FREE STALL DIVIDER that mission has been achieved. Simply by walking through one of our dairies with this stall design and you’ll see what we mean! The cows behave differently!

Constructed out of 2 3/8” OD (60 mm) hot-dipped galvanized coating the Y2K withstands the pressures a cow could place on it. It incorporates a 50 inch neck rail to entice entry and wide open design which enables cows to lie down and get up easier. With many different mounting options, the Artex™ Y2K FREE STALL DIVIDER can be used in both new barns and renovations.

Over the last couple of years, our newest innovation to The Comfort Zone™ system is the patented adjustable Floor Mount. This post-less system eliminates the need to install any posts. Its ease of installation and clean appearance has made it a favorite over the years for construction companies, dairyman, and most importantly the cows.

Whatever your requirements, our sales representatives would be happy to assist in designing, installing, or renovating a dairy facility for you and your cows.

Y2K stall dividers with Floor 
Mount Bracket (Outside 
Barn Row).
A full picture of one of the 
barns that our in-house 
engineering staff designed.
Up-close picture of Y2K stall 
divider with Floor Mount 
Bracket (Head to Head Barn Row).

Floor Mount Brackets are protected by the following United States and Canadian patents. Other United States and foreign patent applications are filed and pending:

  • United States Patent 7,469,659
  • United States Patent 6,467,434
  • Canadian Patent 2,299,085