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LOYAL ATV Multi-Use Tine Harrow

LOYAL ATV Multi-Use Tine Harrow

Use alone... or behind farm implements for 1-pass coverage with your ATV, lawn tractor, tractor or pickup (only requires 1 HP per ft. of width for the mini-harrow... 2 HP per ft. for other models)

  • Scatter manure droppings
  • Aerate & dethatch pastures, lawns
  • Loosen & smooth paths and driveways
  • Fluff, dry & level tracks, ball diamonds, etc.
  • Break up & level heavy soil
  • Prepare nicer seed beds
  • Work-in fertilizer & seed
  • Incorporate herbicides
  • Gentle, "first" cultivation
  • Minimum till - stalks, crusts & ridge
LOYAL ATV Multi-Use Disc Harrow

LOYAL ATV Multi-Use Disc Harrow

Tows behind an ATV (400cc and larger, liquid-cooled) or garden tractor

Heavier construction for increased soil penetration... longer life

Wider, 44" width... covers ATV wheel tracks

Built-in wheels for 1-step transport vs 6-step manual flip-up

Transport wheels double as adjustable-cutting-depth wheels

Many Uses:

  • Wild-game food plots
  • Gardening
  • Orchards
  • Landscaping
  • Fire lanes
  • Seed-bed preparations
  • Discing-in fall garden vegetation
  • Weed control
LOYAL ATV - Compact Manure Spreader

LOYAL ATV - Compact Manure Spreader
  • Ground-driven (no-PTO) - any 10 HP garden tractor can pull
  • No belts to slip - apron chain is ratchet-driven by one wheel... beater is chain-driven by opposite wheel
  • Bear-claw' beaters quickly shred and spread all types of manure (including that mixed with straw or hay), plus shavings, grass clippings and compost
  • Simple to operate - up front controls for apron-chain and beater
  • Fully assembled - ready to go
  • Well balanced... for moving by hand
  • Ideal for 1 - 6 stalls
  • Not a toy! Ruggedly constructed. Performs just like the big expensive spreaders
LOYAL ATV Spreader / Seeder

LOYAL ATV Spreader / Seeder

Spreads fertilizer, seed, lime, sand & salt... up to 26'

Slide-gate control hopper quickly-adjusts flow rate

Easily-change spreading direction... from right to left to rear 180°

  • 5-bu/400 lbs. capacity
  • Ground-driven (no PTO) - any 12 HP garden tractor can pull
  • Rugged, cast-iron, oil-bath gearbox
  • Heavy, cast-iron, drive sprockets - no plastic sprockets to strip
  • Heavy-gauge steel hopper - tapered for full feedout
  • Rolls smoothly on 16" dia. tires (6" wide for less soil compaction)
  • 42" tire stance for greater stability
  • Adjustable towbar
  • Gearbox can be disengaged for transport
  • Height: 55"
  • Hitch Category: 1 7/8"
  • Use only for Dry Materials
LOYAL Poly Jumbo Calf Hutches

LOYAL Poly Jumbo Calf Hutches

Roomiest interior of any single-calf hutch on the market

Overall dimensions: 62" W x 98" L x 55" H)

  • More distance between calf and heat-drawing walls... helps maintain the critical "comfort zone" (50-55° F) immediately surrounding calf
  • Better protection from wind, rain and snow... rear of hutch stays warmer on cold days

Virtually Indestructible

  • High-impact, UV stabilized, high-density, virgin poly
  • Solid, 1-piece, molded design (using state-of-the-art technology)
  • Easier to sanitize, stack and transport
  • Ribbed construction, plus arched roof, adds even more rigidity... better wind resistance
  • Extremely tough - resists damage from sun, heat & frost (won't freeze to ground)
  • Excellent resistance to cracking, punctures & warping... no rough edges
  • Impervious to manure acids and disinfectants
  • Outperforms and outlasts wood and fiberglass hutches - lowest true cost
LOYAL Poly Deluxe Calf Hutches

LOYAL Poly Deluxe Calf Hutches


  • Designed for larger operations
  • Easier access... with ATV or truck
  • Feed calves faster
  • Door swings out of way (can be left open)
  • No handles... snaps shut
  • Contains rotating vent


  • Double-pail manger with splash guard
  • Two, 8-qt pails (1-flat & 1-round bottom)
  • Feed door - right, left, or rear (specify)
  • Bottle holder
  • Roof vent (oversize)
  • Rear vent (oversize)
    • Material: Thicker-walled poly (no need for steel-frame around bottom)
    • Overall size: 47.5"W x 84.5"L x 53.5"H
    • Weight (approx): 90 lbs.
LOYAL Poly Group Calf Hutches

LOYAL Poly Group Calf Hutches

Group Hutches™ avoid the setbacks in weight and health that often occur from direct transfer to a large herd

Reflects sun's heat - but lets some light through Without major temperature swings

Transitional housing - after isolation but before large group

10-year manufacturer's limited warranty

  • Largest group hutch you can buy
  • Easier access to food and water - for less stress - faster growth
  • Thick-walled... not thin and flimsy like some other brands
  • Opaque virgin poly with UV blocker - prevents major temperature swings
  • Oversize front and rear top vents - advanced ventilation design
  • Poly-enclosed skid frame included
    • Dimensions: 109" W x 101" L x 74" H
    • Door Opening: 47" W x 56" H
    • Weight - 235 Ibs.
    • Floor square footage: 92 sq. ft.
LOYAL CW1 - Poly Calf Warmer

LOYAL CW1 - Poly Calf Warmer

It's Benefits

  • Dries calf completely... including underneath! Warm air flows under raised grate, up sidewalls... and back down through heater
  • Dries calf faster -- without scorching
  • Dries saturated, wet hair coat in 45-60 minutes (stops cooling caused by moisture evaporation)
  • Quickly warms calf's core body temperature to normal (100°F)
  • Breathing heated air further warms calf from inside out -- speeding recovery from cold-stress
  • Adjustable vent/peep hole
  • Vents moisture as hair coat dries... prevents humidity from accumulating and setting-up calf for pneumonia
  • View calf without opening box cover
    • Heavy-Duty Turbo Heater
    • 3-heat (600/900/1500W) and 2-fan settings -- 110V
    • Adjustable thermostat prevents scorching
    • Overheat protector. Legs raise heater off floor
    • Solid-steel body construction -- weighs 6 lbs
    • 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty on heater (1-year on other components
    • Raised, poly grate allows warm air to flow around entire calf
    • Stainless-steel, grate-support/heater cover
    • Grate and heater easily removed for cleaning/disinfecting box
    • Thicker-walled poly for extra strength
    • Hinged, removable cover for easy calf entry
    • Floor ribs channel liquids through rear drain holes
    • Bottom is rounded toward front (and floor is ribbed) for easy towing - predrilled rope-mount holes
    • 24"W x 50"L x 45"H (bottom section 16" deep)
LOYAL 1-1/4 CLOVER MAT Floor Mats-Stalls

LOYAL 1-1/4" CLOVER MAT™ Floor Mats-Stalls

New Design... Three Layers of EVA, Lightweight & Softer... Stays Springy Longer

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a special, non-porus, synthetic rubber (polymer). It fights mastitis, yet provides better cushioning... more insulation.

  • Air-expanded polymer for more thickness... without the weight!
  • Easier to install and clean
  • Thousands of "air cells" provide better cushioning... more insulation than rubber mats.
  • Clings to concrete - edges do not curl up
  • Top, soft layer (55 durometer) - green
    • Raised-pattern of clovers on surface
    • Excellent traction... without moisture pooling
  • Middle, stability layer (60 durometer) - blue
  • Bottom, support layer (70 durometer) - brown
    • Channels on underside of drainage
    • Wave technology for rolling resiliency
    • Also serves as a vapor barrier... stands up to concrete wear
  • Non-absorbent - will not harbor nor promote bacterial growth (closed-cell technology)
  • Resistant to urine and most disinfectants
  • Durable - EVA used successfully in Europe for over 16 years
LOYAL 1-3/4 Rubber Mat with Foam Insert Floor Mats-Stalls

LOYAL 1-3/4" Rubber Mat with Foam Insert Floor Mats-Stalls

Two, solid-rubber pads heat-molded together; with a soft, foam insert sandwiched in between. 3-piece construction provides maximum, long-term softness and durability. Foam insert is completely sealed from moisture. Pads are absolutely non-absorbent. Will not harbor nor grow bacteria. Virtually maintenance free.

  • Softer, thicker, & heavier... more economical than most other mats
  • 1-3/4" thick - considerably heavier than most other mats - best insulation over cold concrete
  • Heavy mat clings to concrete - edges will not curl!
  • Textured, non-skid, non-porous surface... surer footing. Not slippery, even when wet
  • Cushion comfort provides cow knee, hock and udder protection - increases milk, fat and meat production - reduces veterinarian bills. Farmers have often found mats to be the solution to cow foot problems, after unsuccessfully trying foot baths and other remedies
  • Ideal for show cattle and old cows - many farmers find their old cows will milk longer and get up easier on mats
  • Easier to clean - no ribs to collect manure - reduces bacteria growth
  • Saves 80% or more on bedding - reduces time and effort spent producing, storing and spreading bedding - cow mats will quickly pay for themselves
  • Easy to install - only 2-anchors required (2" from top and 4" from sides). Brisket-board compatible
LOYAL 1-5/6 Vulcanized Mat Floor Mats-Stalls

LOYAL 1-5/6" Vulcanized Mat Floor Mats-Stalls

With advanced rubber chemistry, this Vulcanized Mat remains softer, lasts longer over ten years of successful use!

  • 1-5/16" cushion comfort - features excellent protection against abrasion and udder injuries - plus surer footing
  • Special anti-slip surface design - provides non-porous surface - superior traction
  • Air-channel design on underside of mat reduces bacteria-forming moisture buildup from condensation
  • Cows will spend more time lying on vulcanized mat... and eating... for increased milk production
  • Saves 80% or more bedding
LOYAL 3/4 - 100% RUBBER MAT Floor Mats-Stalls

LOYAL 3/4"-100% RUBBER MAT Floor Mats-Stalls

Humane mats are manufactured in Wisconsin from recycled tire material. Humane removes all objectionable material including wire and fibers. Ground rubber is combined with specially formulated adhesive and vulcanized at high pressure for rugged dependability. No filler materials are added. Mats are absolutely non-absorbent and will not harbor nor promote growth of bacteria. Humane mats are virtually maintenance free.

Humane cow mats are covered under a 12-year limited warranty. These mats are unconditionally guaranteed by the manufacturer for three (3) years. Should a mat fail within this period, the manufacturer will replace it free of charge. For failure during the balance of warranty period, the manufacturer provides a prorated guarantee, based on prices current at time of replacement. This warranty applies to materials only and does not include delivery or labor.

  • Humane 100% Rubber Cow Mats are thicker, heavier, better designed and more economical than most other mats
  • 3/4" Thick - considerably heavier than most other mats - best insulation over cold concrete
  • Flat on both sides - heavy mat clings to concrete - edges do not curl up
  • Textured, non-skid, non-porous surface ... surer footing than smooth surface mats. Not slippery, even when wet
  • Greater resiliency than more expensive hard mats
  • Cushion comfort provides cow knee, hock and udder protection - increases milk, fat and meat production - reduces veterinarian bills. Farmers have often found mats to be the solution to cow foot problems, after unsuccessfully trying foot baths and other remedies
  • Ideal for show cattle and old cows - many farmers find their old cows will milk longer and get up easier on mats
  • Easier to clean - no ribs to collect manure - reduces bacteria growth
  • Saves 80% or more on bedding - reduces time and effort spent producing, storing and spreading bedding - cow mats will quickly pay for themselves.


COZY COW® Mattress is the "next best thing" to outside pasture - it significantly reduces impact and abrasion injuries, to even the heaviest cows.

  • Thick, firm, double-lock-stitch mattress cushions the "pounding" as cow "drops" the last 10"-12" while lying down... and as it positions to get up
  • Prevents hock and knee abrasion injuries from concrete floors (as cow drops down and pushes itself up). Cell construction also helps prevent injuries due to slipping
  • Dinged-up heifers and "basketball" sized hocks are history. You save in reduced, premature culls... and lower vet bills
  • Vets often recommend that a cow mattress be used for 4-5 weeks under downers and other cows with injured hocks and knees... to give them time to heal
  • Old cows will milk longer and get up easier on mattress
  • 100% premium, wire-free ground-rubber fill provides excellent insulation
  • Cows will spend most of their time lying on mattress... and eating... free of stress... vs standing up and pushing forward to eat. Comfortable cows will eat more... for increased milk production
  • Mattress can add extra lactations per cow. Imagine the added profit of just one more lactation from 25% of your cows!
  • COZY COW® Mattress is comparable to at least 6-12" of loose bedding... only light bedding is needed... to keep cows dry... and it can be changed less often
  • Save up to 80% on bedding - substantially reduces time and effort spent producing, storing and spreading bedding - plus cleanup and disposal time
  • Cows stay drier - less prone to mastitis - with less washing required before milking.
LOYAL SAND TRAP™ Floor Mats-Stalls

LOYAL SAND TRAP™ Floor Mats-Stalls
  • Reduce sand usage up to 70%... and maintain cow comfort!
  • Unique design captures and holds sand... prevents packing
  • Cows can't dig sand out... nor make holes
  • Keep stalls full of sand... without cows dragging sand into alley - extends equipment life
  • Add sand less often. Less required... just top off
  • Approx. size: 45" W x 60" L x 3.5" H
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation - no cementing or anchoring - won't float up (300-400 Ibs. filled weight)
  • Use one Sand Trap™ per stall (center between stall dividers)

  • High-strength polyethylene (pronounced poly-ethel-lean) is lightweight and much more durable than plywood, steel or fiberglass
  • Superior performance has been proven - used for years in heavy-duty industrial applications (meets FDA Regulation 121.2501)
  • Long-life, high-density, food-grade poly is non-porous - resists moisture, silage acids, feed additives and other chemicals
  • Extremely tough - resists heat, cold, sunlight and warpage. Excellent stress cracking and puncture resistance - even at extreme temperatures
  • Thick-walled, seamless one-piece hopper is extra strong and leakproof - no corners nor seams for feed or bacteria to harbor in
  • Ribbed construction adds even more strength and rigidity to sides
  • Easier to sanitize - slick, smooth surface both inside and out, wipes or washes clean in minutes
  • Special, rounded-bottom design for faster unloading and dumping. No sharp corners nor seams to catch forks, shovels or scoops
  • Rugged, all-welded, bolt-on, steel frame for solid support. Powder coated for corrosion resistance.
  • Wheel brackets attach to frame, not to hopper, to prevent stress on and breakage of hopper.
  • Rust-resistant, stainless steel, truss-head bolts and fender washers are used for attaching hopper to frame
  • Rolls smoother on big, semi-pneumatic or air tires with grease fittings. Heavy-duty rolling bearings, not lighter ball bearings, used on all air-tire carts
  • Carts quickly turn in a stationary circle on large, rugged, swivels with grease fittings
  • Quieter operation - rounded poly edges prevent damage to your doors, stalls and walls - reduce noise
  • 7 and 11 bushel carts are ideal for narrow alleys or sharp turns

  • Rolls easier than a smaller wheel over hay, uneven floors, through mud and snow - especially with heavy loads
  • Ideal for women - much easier to push
  • Big, heavy duty, air tires (tube type)
  • Rugged, 24" x 2.125 greaseable wheels... four times stronger than bicycle wheels
  • Thicker, 3/8" dia., solid, welded spokes... won't rust off or bend from animal contact, unlike lighter wire spokes. Powder coated for corrosion resistance.
  • Larger, 1" dia., solid, cold-drawn axles

  • Loyal elevators are preferred for their rugged but simple construction - they provide economical and smoother, more trouble-free operation for years and years of hard use
  • Designed for efficient, low-cost handling of silage, haylage, wet corn, cob corn, small grains and coarse ground feeds, meals, manure, canning waste, sawdust shavings and other materials
  • Includes three-sided sliding incline hopper, top-slung sliding motor mount and required belts (farm-rated T.E.F.C. motors optional)
  • Set up and ready to go (just mount motor and install safety shields). We test-run each conveyor before shipping.
  • Special design enables us to provide any length up to 14' in ONE PIECE - eliminates time consuming bolting by customer. Can be easily lengthened at a later date

Conveyor Widths: 7", 9", 11" and 13" Widths


  • Hi-density poly "skins" are pressure-bonded over both sides of marine plywood (special 7-ply); for a stronger, longer-lasting elevator
  • Won't sag, unlike solid-poly board
  • More rigid than wood board or solid-poly board... won't warp
  • #62 detachable chain
  • Poly flites - 1-1/2" H x 1/2" thick for higher volume
  • Cast-iron sprockets - 10-tooth
  • Greasable bearings
  • Adjustable, slip clutch
  • Simple to install - measure on site - cut length, angles & drop-out for custom fit
  • Bottom-delivery conveyor chain rides on special poly rails - no pan for chain to drag on, nor freeze down to
  • Separate, UHMW-poly, roller-chain adjustment doesn't affect trough-chain take-up
    • Overall width: 19-1/2"
    • Trough width: 18"
    • Overall depth: 9-1/4"
    • Trough depth: 8-1/4"
    • Lengths up to 80'
LOYAL Poly Footbaths

LOYAL Poly Footbaths
  • Quick and easy way to clean and disinfect cattle's feet
  • Washing action of footbath removes damaging material from feet - helps prevent buildup of dirt and manure between cleats where harmful bacteria tends to harbor
  • Disinfectant solution (copper sulfate mixed with water), kills or inhibits bacterial infections such as hairy-warts, foot-rot and heel erosion - penetrates up between toes and cracks (where bacteria inflames the soft skin), and then penetrates under the horn lining and inner surfaces of each cleat.
  • Disinfectant solution hardens the horn and toughens the skin in vital areas between cleats of the hoof. This drying effect on the hoof and skin makes cattle's feet more resistant to bacterial infection
  • High-density, black, all poly - won't rust, rot, puncture or crack, even at extreme temperatures
  • Thick-walled, seamless, one-piece units are extra-strong and leak proof.
LOYAL - Gutter Grates

LOYAL - Gutter Grates
  • Keeps cows out of gutter and their tails drier... protects legs and udders
  • Saves on bedding - keeps bedding out of slurry
  • Provides for more sanitary milking
  • Ideal for problem and freshening cows. 4' grates can be moved around barn to where needed
  • Rugged but simple construction - quality crafted by our skilled MIG welders for years of dependable, hard use
  • Rigid 5/8" structural-steel grate rods - round grate rods used (not angle-iron) for better manure drop-through and for longer life
  • Sturdy 3/4" cross rods-spaced at 16" intervals to prevent grates from bowing. Some so-called "bargain grates" have fewer cross rods
  • Side angles are thicker for longer life... wider to adjust to differences in your gutter width (short side angles allow liquids to drain into gutter)
  • Built on jigs-grate rods are consistently spaced. Permits our scraper to work smoothly and rapidly (Some so-called "bargain grates" may actually cost you more in the long run because of extra cleaning time.)
  • Our grate rod spacing preferred for cows. Some so-called "bargain grates" have fewer rods. This can significantly increase chance of a valuable cow catching its hoof between rods and injuring hoof and leg. Our spacing still permits most manure to pass through (straw must be chopped short to go through grates)
  • 5/8" grate rods provide less danger of cows' hooves slipping through rods, than do 3/4" rods with identical 1-3/8" spacing between rods. 5/8" rods easier on cows' hooves than 3/4" rods, because 5/8" rods have less radius and because rod centers closer (2" vs 2-1/8")
  • Grates made with 1/8" to 1/4" side clearance
  • Unpainted steel finish
LOYAL TUNNEL VENTILATION (Wall-Mount Exhaust Fan) Barn Fan

LOYAL TUNNEL VENTILATION (Wall-Mount Exhaust Fan) Barn Fan

CONE FAN - Higher, Quieter Air Flow - Aerodynamically Engineered!

  • 33% heavier-gauge housing than competitors' clone models
  • Specially-engineered cone - reduces back pressure and boosts air performance
  • Oversized intake opening - Increases air flow capacity
  • Aluminum shutters - micro balanced to reduce air drag
  • Blade computer matched to tweak-out maximum efficiency
  • Exclusive EZ-swivel shutter fasteners - for quick, tight mounting
  • Pulley-diameter/belt-style combination computer optimized to maximize air flow without overloading motor
  • Housing extends straight-out, thru wall, for tighter wall seal
  • Housing slopes down, beyond wall, for less air resistance, and to protect components from weather, plus aid in runoff
  • Extra-deep orifice opening accelerates air flow
LOYAL MILKING PARLOR (Wall-Mount Intake Fan) Barn Fan

LOYAL MILKING PARLOR (Wall-Mount Intake Fan) Barn Fan
  • 36" and 48" available with one- or two-speed motors
  • PVC shutters with aluminum frames for quieter operation
  • Typical parlor uses 3-fans (see Suggested Fan Layout)
  • Pressurizes parlor with clean outside air
  • Control with one-speed switch, two-speed switch, or thermostat
LOYAL Portable Floor Barn Fan

LOYAL Portable Floor Barn Fan
  • Higher, ground clearance keeps lime, straw and dust from blowing up on operator and cows, upon startup
  • Aerodynamically engineered to push air further with 12-air vanes on 48" fan
  • Heavier, stronger construction for smoother, quieter, more dependable operation
  • Sturdier, rust-resistant galvanized housing (18 ga.)
  • Static-balanced, five-wing steel blade minimizes vibration - maximizes air flow
  • Larger, more powerful motors - thermal protected, dust-proof, with one-year warranty (provided required size wiring is used from fan power cord to electrical box - use No. 12 wire to 30' and No. 10 wire over 30')
  • Automatic, rotary, belt-tensioner (new automotive-style design)
  • Rugged 1" sealed, self-aligning pillow-block bearings with self-locking collars. Greaseable on 48" fan - from outside housing
  • Fused, switch box (20 amps) - wired for 115V
  • Heavy-duty, 20' power cord with wrap-around fan handle
  • Removable fan guard
  • Easier to move. Large 10" semi-pneumatic tires on 48" fan. Sturdy 6" x 2" solid-rubber tires on 36" fan