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JAMESWAY Solid-Trans Piston Pumps
Jamesway SOLID-TRANS PISTON Manure Pump

Jamesway SOLID-TRANS PISTON Manure Pump

The Solid-Trans is capable of transferring solid or semi-solid bedded manure long distances with low power requirements. The 7.5HP hydraulic power unit makes the Solid-Trans an excellent choice for use with single phase electricity or anywhere that power availability may be limited.

The Solid-Trans pump is equipped with a 5" hydraulic cylinder and a heavy gauge 20" diameter stainless steel pumping cylinder. The Solid-Trans has a 20" inlet and a 16" diameter outlet, and the pumping chamber is equipped with heavy guillotine doors. Manure is drawn into the pump chamber during the upstroke and pushed out during the downstroke. The guillotines act as check valves so that manure may only flow toward the storage.

Solid-Trans pumps are mounted in a dry pit and are equipped with a hopper inlet. The output is 16" diameter SDR26 PVC pipe. Steel 16" pipe is also available.

Solid-Trans pumps are intended for use in manure with long or short bedding. The Solid-Trans may not be used with sand bedding. Depending on the amount and type of bedding used, it is often necessary to add some water into the hopper or the manure gutter while the pump is running. This water helps material slide into the inlet pipe and maintains a suction seal in the inlet.